Eva Koťátková: Theatre of the Talking Objects

author: Eva Koťátková

Theatre of Talking Objects: The picture atlas of Antonín, a boy who cut the library of the clinic into pieces

Cast: Sebastian Baalbaki, Hanka Turečková, Marta Vítů

DOCTOR: Can you describe the situation we are looking at?
ANTONIN: Animals are looking through the bars. People are watching them…through the same bars.
DOCTOR: Do they see each other? Do they watch each other?
DOCTOR: How is it possible?
ANTONIN: The bars are in the way.
DOCTOR: But don’t the bars rather enable people to see through them? It’s not a wall…
ANTONIN: They see just parts. Just stripes of animals.
DOCTOR: You mean the bars do cut the animals into pieces? Stripes?
ANTONIN: Exactly. This is exactly what’s happening.

The performance of Eva Koťátková will be part of the exhibition Coming to Reality.

Curator: Fionn Meade
Artists: Michel Auder, Zbyněk Baladrán, Nina Beier, Jasanský – Polák, Eva Koťátková, Jiří Kovanda, Dominik Lang, David Maljkovic, Shahryar Nashat, Seth Price, James Richards, Ben Schumacher