Cabin Studio Pěčice

Situated in the rural area of Mladá Boleslav region app 50 kilometers north outside of Prague, Czech Republic is located a newly emerging international residency space called Cabin Studio. It is run under the patronage of an established Prague-based theater called Studio Hrdinů. The building is a former gamekeeper’s lodge and it has a strong history. Our main focus are residencies for sonic artists and musicians/ composers as the region is strongly connected to the personality of Czech famous classical composer Bedřich Smetana who also lived in the lodge in the 1880s. Cabin Studio offers space for concentrated work on projects in all stages of development in the disciplines of sonic arts, dance, performance, visual arts and literature.

The residents have at their disposal a studio of 6,5 x 8 m with basic technical equipment. The residency space can host up to 10 artists or cultural professionals at once.