About us

Studio Hrdinů  is an open theatre space notable for its clearly defined dramaturgy and a distinctive circle of theatre collaborators. The main dramaturgical line is based on original arthouse directorial projects, with an emphasis on international productions, transcending genres and boundaries of artistic disciplines. Studio Hrdinů strives for a challenging, yet understandable dramaturgy. Formally, the production of Studio Hrdinů is drama, giving prominence to experimental approach and artistic aspects.

Since Autumn 2012, the main productions have been staged in Studio Hrdinů (covering floor area of 1,144m2) in the Trade Fair Palace of the National Gallery in Prague. The venue is located in a former cinema that was destroyed in the fire of the Trade Fair Palace in 1974. Thus, the consistent activities of Studio Hrdinů have brought the venue back to life and put it back on the cultural map of Prague.

The fundamental and most important aspect of our concept is to hold true interdisciplinary artistic dialogue in the sense of transcending artistic boundaries it terms of time, genre, form, or topic. The concept of our dramaturgy is based on a superstructural approach resulting in a unique synthesis of form and content.

We have been continually searching for progressive forms of dramatic expression. The clearly outlined artistic face of the venue is created thanks to the linking of drama professionals with various visual artists. Regarding stage design, graphic design and conceptual art, Studio Hrdinů keeps up with other European scenes. Since we aim to enrich the drama with the fine arts, we allow visual artists a greater degree of participation in all our productions.

Studio Hrdinů has become a well-established Prague theatre with a successful repertory. According to the prestigious Czech Alfréd Radok Drama Award for 2014, Studio Hrdinů is the second best theatre in the Czech Republic and the best theatre in Prague.