Sanatorium Sonorum

residency program and festival presenting contemporary music and sound arts at Cabin Studio Pěčice

Sanatorium Sonorum is a layered project that aims to promote cultural dialogue outside the established centers. The cabin in Pěčice holds historical significance as the former residence of Czech composer Bedřich Smetana. Drawing inspiration from Smetana’s dedication to musical education, we have established a collaborative space at Cabin Studio Pěčice, with the possibility to create, experiment and share. Domestic and international artists are carefully selected to participate in residencies spanning several weeks, during which they develop unique sound projects. These projects are then showcased annually at a festival, starting on August 24, 2024. The primary aim of Sanatorium Sonorum is to engage diverse audiences, fostering active listening skills and providing a platform for discourse on contemporary artistic trends. It serves as a vital hub for cultural innovation within the region.

The project is realized with the support by: