Become a Volunteer for Studio Hrdinů!

We are looking for new members of our expanding team. Through volunteering for Studio Hrdinů, you can support us, take part in the unusual artistic projects and gain new experience!

Volunteering is an important part of our theatre and without the help of our volunteers, we would not be able to fulfil our goals and organize our productions. We offer various forms of volunteering, both on long-term and short-term bases. We have two seasons of experience of working with volunteers, who have been helping us e.g. in a run crew, as assistant directors, actors, cloakroom attendants, or with promotion. We are interested in opinions of our volunteers, in the following season we therefore aim at making the cooperation more effective so that it is even more beneficial for both sides.

We are open to everybody, who would like to contribute to our activities with his or her time and skills.

Why to become a volunteer at Studio Hrdinů?

• You will develop new skills

• You will meet new and interesting people

• You will get acquainted with operation of the professional theatre

• You will be on the stage with the professional actors

• You will have free tickets for you and reduced price tickets for you friends and family

• Students of artistic academies can gain an interesting experience in their field of study

• You can choose an activity best complying with your skills and time schedule

Why do we need you?

You will help us lower the costs of the operation of the theatre and you can provide us with the important feedback. During the last season, we have cooperated with over 60 volunteers of various age and background, including students, working professionals and retired people.

What are the offered positions?

• usher

• cloakroom attendant

• box office assistant

• medical assistant (if you are a nurse, medic, paramedic or if you have a medical certificate)

• actors in some of the productions (currently volunteers are involved in A Day of Oprichnik /director Kamila Polívková/, The Blood of the Wälsungs /director Katharina Schmitt/ and The Snow White /director Kai Ohrem/)

• Producer / Director / Stage Designer assistants for production of the shows (suitable for students of theatre science or artistic academies such as DAMU)

• administration assistant

• PR assistant

• …and others – depending on your time flexibility and ideas

You want to become a volunteer – what to expect?

If you want to become our volunteer, we would like to ask you to spend a minimum of 15 hours with us. Just to give you an example:  an usher, or a cloakroom attendant spends approximately 3-4 hour on one show.

The conditions of the long-term cooperation are up to the personal discussion depending on the particular positions.

After you decide to take part in our volunteer program, we will sign the Agreement on Volunteering, where the concrete tasks will be specified. In the appendix of the contract, we will keep record your working hours. The contract is very important for us, as it is a record of our mutual cooperation, so that it is visible both to us and to our partners.

After you will have signed an Agreement, we will give you an introduction about our theatre and you can start plan your activities with our volunteer coordinator. We are happy to issue a certificate evaluating your volunteer activities, which students of artistic academies need as part of their internship.

Read more about volunteers for Studio Hrdinů (in Czech only):

How to apply?

Fill in the Questionnaire for the Volunteer of Studio Hrdinů and contact our coordinator of the volunteer program at [email protected] for a personal meeting.

Questionnaire for the Volunteer of Studio Hrdinů





Cell Phone:

Why do you want to become a volunteer for Studio Hrdinů?

Do you have any special experience or skill that might be useful for us?

Do you have any experience in operation of theatre?

How do you want to help Studio Hrdinů?

• usher /assistant during the events

• box office

• medical assistant (if you are a nurse, medic, paramedic or if you have a medical certificate)

• administration, PR, promotion

• other

What are you expectations about the volunteer program for Studio Hrdinů?

The questions above will help us at the beginning of our mutual cooperation. We will contact you back with further details.

We are looking forward meeting you!

Klára Mišunová

Coordinator of the volunteer program