Jan Bárta

lector, drama-therapist, actor, director and one of the founding members of CreWcollective

He devotes himself to authorial and interpretive work, including production, acting / dancing and directing. In 2009, he completed a four-year study in the Mime department of the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He is a graduate of a complete five-year drama / arte-therapeutic training (Israel 2019), focusing on the DvT-Developmental transformation method guaranteed by the Association of Drama Therapists of the Czech Republic and the New Haven USA Institute. This method builds on the principles of the dynamic drama of the therapeutic direction created by D.R. Johnson, who emphasizes open embodiment as a means of expressing feelings and thoughts in the therapeutic process. “Activating the body as a source of therapeutic change is useful because it provides an opportunity to overcome stereotypical behavior that can be associated with verbal expression.” Johnson defines this approach as “the transformation of embodied encounters in the play space.”

He is a member of ADCR (Association of Drama Therapists in the Czech Republic). He has experience with clients with behavioral disorders, institutional care, NRP, attachment disorders, clients with trauma and PTSD, PAS, ADD, ADHD, etc. He works with children and adolescents from the environment of institutional care, NRP, SPOD, leads drama therapy mixed groups with art therapeutic overlap and provides individual therapy. It deals with work with children with a focus on physical and dramatic education, even in the context of drama therapy. He has a long-term cooperation with Dance Prague (https://tanecpraha.org/) and with the organization SE.S.TA: www.se.s.ta.cz

cast: Fatamorgana, Gold Cut
movement collaboration: The Wife of An Established Poet
technics: …a měl rád hnědou