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  • choreography: Paweł Sakowicz
    dramaturgical collaboration: Jan Horák
    scene: Valentýna Janů
    costumes: Paweł Sakowicz
    music: Agnė Matulevičiūtė
    lighting design: Václav Hruška
    photo by: Iryna Drahun

    cast: Lukáš Adam, Sára Arnstein, Jan Bárta, Adéla Gajdošová, Karolína Růžičková, Natálie Řehořová
    length: 60 minutes

    It all starts when a group of six people meet in an undefined space and simultaneously say the same phrase: Luckily, we are going in the same direction. From that moment on, they start walking towards the back, looking at the ever-changing landscape, like a multiplied figure from a romantic painting. Over countless nights and days, they merge with the space and become the paysage themselves.

    Fatamorgana – choreographed by Paweł Sakowicz – is a dance piece focusing on covering and uncovering the (romantic) landscape. The intricate light, space and sound design explore the concept of night as a mystery that makes ordinary things, sounds and bodies seem different and eerie. The group of wanderers move cautiously: sometimes in extreme slow motion, other times trembling with the excitement of the unknown.


    Thanks to Hellerau – Europäisches Zentrum der Künste Dresden

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    “And that’s what’s so magnificent about the show. It feels as if cut from a dream: You come to the performance, experience it together with the performers, and then leave. It doesn’t have a definite ending, but you still know it happened and you were a part of it.”

    Viktorie Štěpánová, protisedi.cz, 22. 6.  2023


    “Fatamorgana is primarily an acoustic and scenic image with a significant share of lighting design, however, its main author is the choreographer, the visiting Polish artist Paweł Sakowicz. Perceiving this performative event is challenging, and I believe that it is appropriate to approach it differently than coming from the concept of a theatrical production. It is rather an event taking place somewhere on the threshold between an electronic music concert and an installation, which consists of the moving bodies of the performers and the lighting design (Václav Hruška) combined with a simple scenography (Valentýna Janů). (…) Its mastery lies in maintaining the tension and in resisting the desire to move more abruptly.”

    Lucie Kocourková, operaplus.cz, 24. 6. 2023


    “It can be a silent techno event as well as a black mass, a macabre celebration of the present or a wake for the future. (…) The combination of formal opulence and frugality, the dosing/layering of motifs behind, next to, and outside of each other, I think, currently has no equivalent in the Czech environment. The shape is at the same time a spectacular exhibition of skills but also a standard of fragility. (…) It flows pleasantly to the point of exhilaration, but it never lets up for a second. It is like a mystery that one leaves unsolved, not because one cannot solve it, but because the mystery is inseparable from it. Fatamorgana is a concentrated work, a mystery with a scenic soundtrack of the year.”

    Martin Macháček, tanecnizona.cz, 11. 8. 2023


    “With its highly aestheticizing understanding of scenic creation, where light, space, and sound design combine with the bodies and appearance of the performers, [Fatamorgana] touches on past and present events. The initial romantic ethos, growing out of the duality of light and dark, life and death, and as a result, high and low, surprisingly turns into the connotations of current images (…). Working with words that go beyond the visual and conceptual understanding of theater remains an essential domain at Holešovice’s Studio Hrdinu, even when the narrative is communicated by means other than the explicit speech of the performers. (…) Sakowicz’s Fatamorgana provides a holistic experience, still scarce in the domestic performance scene.”

    Marcela Magdová, divadelni-noviny.cz, 21 August 2023

    premiere: 16. 6. 2023