My Realm Is from This World

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  • author: (Česky) Wolfgang Borchert / Miroslav Bambušek
    director: Miroslav Bambušek
    dramaturgy: Jan Horák
    scene: Jana Preková
    costumes: Jana Preková
    music: Tomáš Vtípil
    lighting design: Pavel Havrda
    video: Pavel Havrda
    movement collaboration: Zuzana Sýkorová
    assistant director: Anna Mášová

    cast: Saša Rašilov, (Česky) Natália Drabiščáková, Jakub Gottwald, Miloslav Mejzlík, (Česky) Jakub Domorád
    length: 100 minutes

    Miroslav Bambušek’s authorial project is based on the work of the German writer and playwright Wolfgang Borchert, not very well known in the Czech Republic. Borchert is one of the first German authors to openly express his views on the tragic events and traumas associated with World War II. Despite his prosaic form, his work is a special expressive poetry of desolation.

    Borchert’s man, a young embittered hero, returns from the war with an incurable inner wound, unable to repress the horror of war. It shattered all his ideals and dreams. It became a destructive experience. The rhythm of his speech is stuttering, almost as if he has forgotten how to speak. His thoughts lack logical coherence. His damaged nerves react absurdly to external stimuli. This condition eventually leads to feelings of groundless fear and anxiety.

    premiere: 21. 6. 2021