STUDIO 2  Milena Bartlová, How to Share a Revolution? – Communication between the educated and the illiterate during Hussitism (starting at 12:45, 45 min, Czech, translation into English)

STUDIO 3 Radio Corax, Radio Revolts 1/ Meeting of Czech and German radio activists for the foundation of Free Radio Prague (90 min, English and Czech)


STUDIO  1 A2 Magazine, What remains of the revolution? (90 min, Czech, translation into English)

STUDIO  2 Friendly Fire: Reports from the Frontlines of Democracy (3 parts) Part 1: Krystian Woznicki, moderated by Sabrina Spitz What is to be done?, or: Update on the Coming Insurrection
FOYER Miloš Horanský, Commentary to the Manifesto “The Party of Moderate Progress Within the Bounds of the Law” on the last election, (90 min, Czech)


STUDIO  1     Alexander Tschernek & Tomáš Sedláček, Anarchy and Freedom (90 min, German and Czech)

STUDIO 2     Berliner Gazette 2, Sazae Bot moderated by Michael Prinzinger: Anonymous Blockbuster: Welcome to the Spectres of a Bot  (45 min, English, translation to Czech)
Berliner Gazette 3, Iskra Geshoska moderated by Magdalena Taube: How to Hijack a Country, or: Do we still Live in the Age of Revolutions? (45min, English, translation into Czech)

STUDIO 3 Natálie Pleváková, Audio broadcasts: how radio has changed music (90 min, Czech)


CHANGING LOCATIONS CreWcollective: Delay Observer’s Office (directed by: Jan Horák and Roman Štětina)

STUDIO 1 Ilona Švihlíková, Miroslav Tejkl, moderated by Tereza Virtová: End of Capitalism? (90 min, Czech, translation into English)

STUDIO 2 Andreas Bernard, Profile, location tracking and Quantified Self: about the peculiar heteronomous self-empowerment in the smartphone era (45 min, German, translation into Czech)

Anna Daučíková: Try not to be in opposition, a first-hand story (45 min, Czech, translation into English)
STUDIO 3 Stefan Höhne: From Signal to Noise. Histories, Strategies and Soundtracks of Media Sabotage (90 min, English)


STUDIO  1 Xabier Arakistain moderated by Tereza Stöckelová, Women, the longest revolution (90 min, English, translation into Czech)
STUDIO  2 Marie Czarnikow, Jasper Schagerl, Stefan Strunz, Noah Willumsen: Research Group “Small Forms”, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Reformations of revolutionary knowledge (90 min, German, translation into Czech)

STUDIO 3 Lumír Nykl, A mighty fortress of sirens, (90 min, Czech)


STUDIO 1 Tilman Porschütz: AI summit (45 min, English)

Nicholas Bussmann, 10 revolution songs in AI environment, (45 min, English)
STUDIO 2 Stephan Schaede, Ursula Baatz, Michael Hauser, moderated by Jakub Ort: Heroic Atheism (90 min, German and translation into Czech)

STUDIO 3 Dietrich Brants, Götz Bachmann: The Wrong Kind of Revolution: 50 Years of Californian Ideology

(80 min, German, translation into Czech)



CreWcollective: Delay Observer’s Office (directed by: Jan Horák and Roman Štětina)


STUDIO 1 Radio Corax, Radio Revolts 2.0 – Resurrection (90 min, English and Czech)

STUDIO 2 Monika Načeva: What does not kill you makes you stronger (60 min, Czech)


STUDIO 2 Blazing Bullets + Mya Gomez: Victory Over The Sun & Endless toast, Night Radio

throught out the festival

Alexander Kluge: From the Reformation to a Bomb Crater (3-channel video installation, 20 min, in German with Czech subtitles)


Performers of Studio Hrdinů: 12 Hours Manifesto Reading, directed by: Jan Horák (Czech, German, English, Russian, 12 hours, foyer)







STUDIO 2      Milena Bartlova, Jak sdílet revoluci?  – Komunikace mezi vzdělanci a negramotnými v husitství(starting at 12:45,45 min, czech) , translation to eng

STUDIO  3    Radio Corax, Radio Revolts 1 (90 min, eng+czech)