The Blend Recipes

Jan Jaroslav Sterec & Pavel Sterec: The Blend Recipes

The exhibition was open from 18.9.2013 to 18.10.2013 in Studio Kostelní.

The second exhibition in Studio Kostelní, Blend Recipes, reacts to the production Milena’s Recipes by the director Kamila Polívková. The production works with the authentic documents about the lives of Milena Jesenská and her daughter Honza Krejcarová and presents a fictional dialogue of the two women in the kitchen. Pavel Sterec and his father Jan Jaroslav Sterec discuss the topic in their joint installation on the post-rational technological approaches.

Pavel Sterec says about the exhibition:
Blend Recipes was supposed to be a joint exhibition with my father, but unfortunately he left for some hippie community in Wolimierz in Poland and he is not answering my calls. In the exhibition, I would like to develop the uncomfortable feeling I have about a strange (fraudulent?) healer who has been visiting my parents lately. Luckily, he does not heal them, he just sits there and drink tea. I hope my father will approve of the exhibition when he is back – even though I don’t think he finds the healer as annoying as I do, otherwise he would not invite him. I hope he will comment on it.”

Curator: Tereza Sochorová Horáková