P0– AP+– AP-

Martin Vlček: P0– AP+– AP-

The exhibition was open from 4.2.2014 to 28.2.2014

The fifth exhibition in Studio Hrdinů, P0– AP+– AP-, reacts to the production DNArt directed by Veronika Riedlbauchová. The exhibition is situated in the spacious foyer of Studio Hrdinů.

Martin Vlček employs various media in his long-term research focusing on the genre of the magic self-portrait. The ritually composed, poetic and dreamy pictures depict the author himself as a representative of humans or animal species undergoing a kind of metamorphosis, some biological process or an act resembling breeding. The visually opulent, moving pictures present all the gestures and props as ritual artefacts and magic formulas. Thus, they create temporary, isolated and surreal landscapes with both natural and supernatural objects. The exhibition project by Martin Vlček combines the worlds of science and theatre; it has the form of an installation and a record of the performance that took place on the opening night. According to the author, “the key moment of the performance is cross-breeding of two males of different species; one of the males will then give birth to the other.”

P0– AP+– AP-

Concept and Script: Martin Vlček

Director and Dramaturge: Martin Vlček

Stage Design: Martin Vlček

Light Design: Martin Vlček and Vítek Hloušek

Cast: Martin Vlček, Tereza Konrádová, Michaela Munzarová and Vítek Hloušek

Voice-over: Alfréd Strejček

Curator: Michal Pěchouček