23. 3. – 24. 4. 2015

The tenth exhibition of Studio Hrdinů entitled Silently responds freely to the production To Shout Silently directed by Jan Nebeský, inspired by the personality of Simone Weil.

When I was thinking about the personality of Simone Weil I thought of a Trinity, where God uniting in Himself three Holy Persons (Father – cause of Being, Son – reason for knowing and understanding, Holy Spirit – rule and order of living), is Trinitarian, where all the Persons are really as one, with the same stances on the situation, though they can communicate.

Texts of Simone Weil, who is classified as unclassifiable in her philosophical and religious thought, suggest to me that nothing can be described in this case to an extent where we would lose the desire to experience it.

‘The Cross as a pair of scales, as a lever. Descent as condition of ascent. Heaven descending to Earth elevates Earth to Heaven.’

(Simone Weil, Gravity and Grace, p. 99, Kalich, 2009)

Many thanks to Pavel Vančát and Jiří Thýn.