The Assistant in an Out-of-the-way Guberniya

The Assistant in an Out-of-the-way Guberniya


Marie Ladrová and Ondřej Vavrečka: The Assistant in an Out-of-the-way Guberniya

The exhibition was open from 11.12.2013 to 17.1.2014

The fourth exhibition in Studio Hrdinů, The Assistant in an Out-of-the-way Guberniya, reacts to the production Walser the Aide directed by Jan Nebeský. The production is based on synthesis of the text by Robert Walser, of the interpretations of Walser’s work and of the novel by Gert Hofman Robert Walser, a Novelist, Parts With the Literary Union. The exhibition is situated in the spacious Studio Hrdinů.

Ondřej Vavrečka speaking about the exhibition:
On a stretcher hurting everybody’s hips the common lightning up of fat candles took place. After the operations, which left traces on the stretcher’s flat surface, the hospital was left – for many reasons – for some time unused. After clarification of the peculiar situation around the bone-meal from the nose cartilages of the drunkards, the cattle’s protests started, aiming to reveal all the promised explanations of the transverse pack of the pacients, as well as the truth about the dirty bed linen.

Curator: Tereza Sochorová Horáková