The Black and White Garden

5. 8. – 23. 10. 2014

Matouš Lipus and Ondřej Maleček: The Black and White Garden

The exhibition was open from 15.9.2014 to 17.10.2014

The seventh exhibition of Studio Hrdinů, The Black and White Garden, is inspired by Snow White based on the texts by Elfride Jelinek and Robert Walser. The exhibition is installed on the staircase in the entrance hall, which inspired us to divide it into three parts, loosely reflecting the three acts of the play. In the first mezzanine, we encounter a group sculpture by Matouš Lipus, The Lumberjacks, a prologue to the exhibition deconstructing the well-known fairy tale. The lumberjacks, whom we can brand as hipsters with some overstatement, are trying to saw down the antique pillars. The ironizing approach presents a gentle, yet politically incorrect symbol of destruction of archetypes and myths.

The second part of the exhibition presents a composition of two paintings by Onřej Maleček, The Blueberries and the Shore. The themes are mainly floral, landscapes created by the process of remembering. The paintings do not work with the archetypal signs of the forest; rather they refer to the philosophical approach to imagery. As the work refers to a fairy tale, the black-and-white form can be understood as a clear pattern for the interpretation. The calligraphy and signs of the Maleček painting evoke the notion of a psychoanalytical approach.

The third part of the exhibition provides a catharsis for the whole process of the ‘healing’ritual. Van Gogh’s Gryphon and Typesetter by Lipus, and in Forest 2 by Maleček provide a scope for free and maybe even psychoanalytical imagination.

The Hunter:
I just can’t believe your interpretation of the history, miss. There is no way to the detour through which Truth, the poor thing, could get out of your way.

Curator: Tereza Sochorová Horáková