(Česky) Micha Purucker (DE): news garden/private echoes / korzo / v rámci festivalu TANEC PRAHA 2015

In a brightly lit shop window stand several dancers and a TV newscaster. The dancers’ emotions, just like their inner concentration, are in sharp contrast to the indifference of the news broadcast. Even though the dancers do not interpret the contents of the TV news, the choreographic installation creates resonances between the visual and sound elements of the project. This original dance installation by Munich-based choreographer Micha Purucker for ten dancers and two actors from the Czech Republic combines different worlds: language and motion, current news events and private emotions. The installation will be on display for about two hours.

Dancers: Klára Ešnerová, Geronymo Fuhrmann, Michal Heriban, Eliška Kašparová, Aleš Lindovský, Eva Stará, Jan Stránský, Kateřina Stupecká, Martin Šalanda, Andrea Vykyselá
Actors: Ondřej Kočí, Vanda Kašová

Co-production: Tanec Praha, Plzeň 2015