Than Hussein Clark: Erotic Review Sinai

length: 150 minut

As Part of his exhibition Debts (Erotic Review Sinai) at Futura Contemporary Art Centre Prague, Than Hussein Clark will also premier a new three act dramatic work at Studio Hrdinu Prague on October 15th at 7pm. Drawing on the Marionette plays of Maurice Maetlink, the chamber plays of August Strindberg, and the History of the Opera of the Fifth of May, Clark’s newest theatrical production tells the story of an incestuous Governess and her charge, whose grand tour of Egypt must be tragically cut short. They return home to he premier of an opera, after which only one will return to the Nile.

 “Remember, ladies: Bravery is rewarded. Principle – Yes. Like John of Cantacuzenus, reluctant emperor of Byzantium charged with the protection of the regent – keep firm. It’s always aching. Steer the course. Steer the course well and you will arrive back in Alexandria still stitched together. So be firm. The treacherous Anne of Savoy is right. Dangerous but right. A slip of the tongue, a silly turn of phrase. You see sir, Miss Lana she is still so struck with grief, well, she imagines her twin is still here with her. Yes, A grief stricken slip of the tongue sir. Oh but you know Jean, Sir. A simpleton. He has always believed everything the ladies say. Sure, that’s it, I’m sorry sir, but miss Laura, she has died. The was an accident on the Nile.”

Ruth Connic
Catherine Leudtke
Valerie McCann
Josef Mohamed
With the Voice of Laura Schuller

English with Czech Subtitles