Actor and Carpenter Majer Speaks about the State of his Homeland

author: David Zábranský
director: Kamila Polívková
dramaturgy: Jan Horák
music: Ivan Acher

cast: Stanislav Majer, Lidé typu Majer
length: 80 minutes

What is Czechia? Where does it begin and end? Who wants to live there? Who is to blame for the aversion of Majer and his kind to Czechia? The current president? A controversial production of Studio Hrdinů which asks questions yet gives no answers.

A social and political play by writer David Zábranský inspired by Handke’s spoken plays as well as Bernhard’s sarcastic playlets about the Austrian homeland starts a debate about the meaning of Czech national identity. The provocative statements about the homeland are delivered in an hour-long monologue by the actor, carpenter and hipster Stanislav Majer, against whom (and people of his kind) the text opposes. Majer puts the character down in accordance with his personal attitudes, which is ironically forecast by Zábranský – the circle closes. The production resembles a big-headed fight of WHOSE truth will prevail over prejudice and hatred.

Stanislav Majer was awarded the Theatre Critics’ Award for the Best Male Performance of 2016.

premiere: 16. 9. 2016