CABIN STUDIO, PĚČICE – Open-Call for 2023

The Cabin Studio is a newly emerging centre for artistic residencies run under the patronage of Studio Hrdinů. The Cabin occupies the building of a former gamekeeper’s lodge located in Pěčice, Mladá Boleslav, and offers space for concentrated work on projects in all stages of development in the disciplines of dance, performance, visual arts and literature.

The residents have at their disposal the cabin’s studio (6,5 x 8 m) with basic technical equipment. If desired, there is also a possibility of accommodation (for up to six people) as well as boarding.

We offer residencies in the fields of: 

DANCE AND PHYSICAL THEATRE – up to 4 three-week residencies; the possibility of a project presentation at the close of the residency

LITERATURE – up to 4 six-week residencies, the possibility of a project presentation/reflection – public reading, discussion, &c. – in the course / at the close of the residency

VISUAL ARTS – up to 5 three-week residencies for a plein air practice and computer animation

MUSIC – up to 4 three-week residencies; the possibility of a project performance at the close of the residency

MANAGEMENT – up to 4 five-day residencies for independent culture managing teams

SPECIAL “SMETANA” MUSIC RESIDENCY – up to 4 three-week residencies; a public performance at the close of the residency (for more information, please see below)

Our goal is to support emerging as well as established professional artists in the fields of physical and mimic theatre, dance, performance and other closely related non-verbal genres.

The prospective residencies will take place from mid-April to October 2023.

We ask the applicants to submit:

– their CV

– link to their website / portfolio in the PDF format

– letter of motivation as well as the statement of artistic intent for the residency including the potential public presentation of the residency’s outcome (2500 characters max.)

– preferred date and length of the prospective residency

To: [email protected]

Contact: Jan Horák, +420 603 342 045

Submission deadline: 9 August 2022 

The results will be announced on 14 August 2022 at

The length of the residencies will depend on the granted funding for 2023.

The residents are offered accommodation and space for their practice.

Financial participation of the residents amounts to 20 % of the residency’s costs.

The residents also cover their travel costs and boarding.


Sanatorium Sonorum Festival 

Inspired by Bedřich Smetana’s compositions and their contemporary arrangements, the festival will be based mostly on the performances of the artists in residence and invited guests. It is conceived as the contemporary and naturally much more modest counterpart to Smetana’s Litomyšl. Its scale is currently being considered. 

If taking place at the cabin, it would probably involve placing the participants and spectators in the adjacent geodome; the space of the cabin’s studio can also be used. The performances can alternatively take place at the cultural centre Pluhárna in Mladá Boleslav. The festival is being created with the support of the Czech Museum of Music.

As opposed to other festivals devoted to Smetana, we wanted to reflect in the festival’s form the fact that wherever he travelled or stayed, the composer always tried to spread musical education and present the new music of his time, aiming at enriching local perception of music with the musical trends he witnessed around the world. Being a great patriot too, Smetana also struggled to prove that Czech music has its own, unique character that can stand up on a global scale – a topic that is still very much alive today as the fascination with the old and adoration of foreign composition schools are still very common at the country’s music schools. And since museums and monuments are mostly a historical commentary on a person’s life and work (e.g. Smetana’s Jabkenice), reviving the legacy of musical education in regional culture seemed like a good thing to do.

Pěčice is where Smetana experienced his very first auditory hallucinations. It is also a place where he moved once his health deteriorated to the point that he could no longer financially and socially exist in Prague or take an active part in the local music scene. Be it because of health issues or unhealthy society, this sounds like something contemporary artists experience in this day and age as well. We therefore assume that just like Smetana visited his brother Karel in Pěčice, it would be worthwhile to implement an annual creative healing residency with an output in the form of a festival of concerts, performances, discussions or a symposium. Sanatorium Sonorum against cultural deafness in a small region. The cabin in Jabkenice Smetana used to visit was supposed to turn into a “shelter for sick Czech artists.” This was not realised and instead, there is a large, fenced monument. Sanatorium Sonorum would like to provide artists with the possibility of commissioning a composition for this purpose associated with the residency. It may sound hard to believe, but for sound artists these possibilities are – outside of big festivals and concerts that are usually few and offered only as a reward – extremely scarce.

– Natálie Pleváková, the festival’s Artistic Director